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3303 Winchester Pike
Columbus, OH 43232
Phone: 614-239-7050    Fax: 614-239-1873

Cleveland Office
1958 Kresge Drive
Amherst, OH 44001

Jessica Stewart
Chief Executive Officer

John Wysocki
Chief Operating Officer
-Oversees all sports programming
and business operations


Jeff Vermillion
Senior Director of Field Operations
-Manages all local programs
-Directly supervises regional field staff


Katie Lee
Director of Sports and Competition
-Oversees all state competitions
-Sets and modifies sports, their rules, and application


Avery Reinwald
Manager of Coaches’ Education and Sports Planning
-Oversees coaches’ certification and training
-Manages planning and execution of sports competitions


Josh Messersmith
Director of Unified Strategies and Fitness
-Oversees all Unified Champion Schools recruitment, retention, and development
-Oversees all athlete fitness programs


Wes Gerhardt

Manager of Unified Strategies
-Manages Cleveland Metro School District Unified Initiatives
and Unified Collegiate Sports in Ohio


Amy O’Neal
Director of Health Strategies
-Oversees all Healthy Athletes
and Healthy Community activities


Megan Modene
Athlete Leadership and Volunteer Manager
-Manages all recruitment, training, scheduling,
and retention of athlete leaders and volunteers


Renee Leindecker
Program Administrative Assistant
-Manages database of local coordinators, regional directors, and sports directors, athlete medical documents, and all handbook updates
-Processes all certificates of insurance

Christine Hoyer

Chief Development Officer
-Oversees all aspects of fund development directives throughout Special Olympics Ohio in support of our mission and values of the organization. 


Libby Schafer
Northeast Regional Director
-Manages all regional sports competitions, local coordinators, and fundraising for the northeast region


Kelley Watson
Northwest Regional Manager
-Manages all regional sports competitions and local coordinators for the northwest region


Debi Williams
Southwest Regional Manager
-Manages all regional sports competitions and local coordinators for the southwest region


John Esson
South Central Regional Manager
-Manages all regional sports competitions and local coordinators for the south central region


Michael Jonesco, DO
Medical Director
-Recruits and assists with the management of qualified medical professionals to staff the volunteer medical team at state events
-Serves as Medical Director on delegation management teams for national or world competitions


Kate Burdett
Director of Marketing
-Oversees all messaging, branding, media communication,
and social media presence


Cathy Dorion
Marketing and Development Administrative Assistant
-Primary administrative support to
Marketing and Development departments
-Administers volunteer background checks
-Processes all mailing list changes

Susan Somers
Human Resource Consultant
CEO & Founder, WhenYouNeedHR

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