Athlete Leadership

Athlete Leadership 1

Athlete Leadership empowers athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices and abilities to undertake meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement, and create inclusive communities around the world. As athletes gain the confidence that comes with achievement, they feel empowered and ready to take on new challenges to make use of all their abilities.

Become an Athlete Leader:

All Athlete Leaders must first take the Introduction to Athlete Leadership Course and complete the practicum. 

After the Introduction to Athlete Leadership Course, Athlete Leaders are eligible to take a variety of other courses. 

Check back here to see dates of upcoming courses.

Become a Mentor:

Our Athlete Leaders need you! Mentors support Athlete Leaders and help them develop leadership skills. Click here for more information on becoming a mentor.

Become a Class A Volunteer:

All Athlete Leaders and Mentors must be Class A Volunteers. Please complete the following steps.

  1. Complete a Class A Volunteer Application and send it to or 3303 Winchester Pike, Columbus OH 43232. Athlete Leaders do not have to pay $5 or complete a background check. If you would like to become a coach, your local program must pay the $5 fee.
  2. Take the General Orientation.
  3. Take the online Protective Behaviors Course.
  4. If you are becoming a coach – take the Concussion in Sports Course.