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Meet Our Leadership

Jessica Stewart
Chief Executive Officer
Steve Crissinger
Vice-President, Development
Kyle Miller
Vice-President, Inclusion and Engagement
Jenn Henley
Vice-President, Sports and Field Operations
Scott Dodson
Chief Financial Officer
Chad Highland
Director, Marketing and Communications
Pam Hood
Executive Assistant


Steve Crissinger
Vice-President, Development
Alison Bloomer
Director, Development, Southwest Region
Shannon Meissner
Director, Development, Northeast Region
Haley Melcher
Director, Development, South Central Region
Brandi Hoffman
Manager, Development Operations
Manager, Partnerships and Events
Coordinator, Development
Julie Seck
Special Events Manager

Sports And Operations

Jenn Henley
Vice-President, Sports and Field Operations
Libby Schafer
Regional Director, Northeast Region
Adam Warnement
Regional Director, Northwest Region
Paul Fellinger
Regional Director, Southwest Region
Konner Harris
Regional Director, South Central Region
Zach Carley
Director, Sports and Competition
Phil Savitt
Manager, Sports and Competition, Northwest Region
Jacob Morehouse
Manager, Sports and Competition, Northeast Region
Abbie Scholz
Manager, Sports and Competition, South Central Region
Debi Williams
Manager, Projects and Training
Benny Spirk
Coordinator, Community Sports Programs- Hamilton County

Inclusion and Engagement

Kyle Miller
Vice-President, Inclusion and Engagement
Nate Elfreich
Manager, Unified Champion City Schools (UCCS)
Bri Sumser
Manager, Unified Sports and Colleges
Mari Cox
Coordinator, Programs
Kristi Peters
Director, Unified Champion Schools (UCS)
Lucy Sessa-Dunn
Manager, Whole School Engagement (UCS)
Elizabeth Beu
Athlete Leader, Unified Champion Schools
Andrea Headley
Manager, Athlete Leadership
Karla Batt
Manager, Volunteer Engagement

Health & Fitness

Amy O’Neal
Senior Director, Health Strategies
Hannah Lawrentz
Manager, Health Strategies
Kelsi Leppla
Manager, Health Strategies

Finance & Administration

Scott Dodson
Chief Financial Officer
Sandy Wolfe
Accounting Manager
Dena Vermillion
Manager, Local Finance

Support Resources

Dr. Larry R. Nolan II, DO
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
State Medical Director
Susan Somers
Human Resource Consultant CEO & Founder