Coaches’ Education


Special Olympics Coaches’ Oath

In the name of all coaches, we shall follow written and verbal instructions of Special Olympics officials at all times, have our athletes at the appropriate events and activities at the proper time, and abide by the rules and policies in the spirit of sportsmanship.


Coaches’ Education

Special Olympics Ohio Coaches play an essential role in the success of each and every program around the state. Coaches work with athletes to develop an understanding of sport knowledge and skill, proper nutrition and healthy habits, and best practices for sportsmanship. The skills and qualities that coaches teach help athletes gain the confidence to perform during competition and are reflected in their daily lives. To become a coach, it is not necessary to have experience with a specific sport or any sport in general. What is necessary to be a coach is passion, dedication, and a positive attitude. Special Olympics Ohio is committed to providing you with the training necessary to be a successful coach.


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Avery Reinwald
Manager of Coaches’ Education and Sports Planning