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On this form is a list of possible volunteer opportunities at the Local, Area and State level with Special Olympics Ohio. Please indicate area(s) in which you may wish to help. This information we receive from you will allow us to send you specific announcements about your volunteer interest.

Thank you for taking time to complete this form. We look forward to hearing from you.

DIRECTIONS: Please check area(s) of interest.

A.     I would like information on volunteering to coach or assist in coaching for a local Special Olympics Organization. I am interested in the following sport(s):
Alpine Skiing Developmental Sports Roller Skating
Aquatics Equestrian Soccer
Athletics Figure Skating Softball
Basketball Golf Speed Skating
Bocce Gymnastics Tennis
Bowling Nordic Skiing Volleyball
Cycling Powerlifting    
B.     I would like to volunteer to help a local organization by:
Officiating or helping at a competition
Helping with local fundraising
Serving as a coach
Serving as a chaperone
Other (please specify)
My area of interest (volunteering, chaperoning, coaching, etc…) is:  
C.     I would like to volunteer at a State Competition:
State Winter Games (Cleveland/Akron Area)
State Basketball Tournament
State Summer Games (Columbus – The Ohio State University)
State Equestrian Competition (Cincinnati, OH)
State Softball Tournament (Oregon, OH)
State Golf Competition (Cincinnati, OH)
State Team Bowling Tournament (Columbus – Holiday Lanes and Sawmill Lanes)
State Aquatics Meet (Columbus – The Ohio State University)
My area of interest (volunteering, chaperoning, coaching, etc…) is:  
D.     I would like to receive information on training schools for volunteers and other special events that occur.
F.     Please state any question or comments you may have below.



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