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What is Special Olympics?
Special Olympics is a year-round program of athletic training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Ohio offers over 75 local and area competions and eight state-wide competitions throught the year. In addition, Special Olympics Ohio offers training and competition opportunities in 20 different sports.

Who is eligible to participate in Special Olympics?
Any person eight years of age or older who is identified as having an intellectual disability by an agency or a professional in any given local area is considered eligible for Special Olympics (persons ages five through seven are eligible for Special Olympics training).

How Can I get my son or daughter involved in Special Olympics?
Special Olympics Ohio has 200 local programs throughout the state. Athletes must be registered through one of these local organizations. You may obtain the "Application for Participation" and local organiztion information by contacting the Area Director for your county (click here for a list of Area Directors) or by calling Special Olympics Ohio at 614-239-7050.

How do I volunteer for Special Olympics Ohio?
Each year nearly 11,000 individuals donate their time to volunteer for Special Olympics Ohio. There are ample opportunities to volunteer at the local, area or state level. Click here for more volunteer information. Check out our volunteer section to register online for an upcoming state event.

What is the cost to participate?
Special Olympics athletes and their families are never assessed fees to participate in Special Olympics. Funds are raised at the local, area and state levels to cover the costs in providing the training and competition opportunities for the athletes.


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